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Students working in the laboratoryTelethon Kids Institute welcomes Honours, PhD, Masters and Doctor of Medicine students wishing to take on a research project as part of their studies. The Institute has approximately 100 students enrolled from a number of universities around Australia, conducting research projects from laboratory-based projects to population-wide studies.

How to join Telethon Kids Institute as a student

All students enrol for their degree through a university and undertake their research at the Telethon Kids Institute under the supervision of an Institute researcher. Eligibility and conditions for completion of the degree are primarily those of the enrolling universities.
Enrolment through a university department can be accomplished either by contacting a potential supervisor at the Telethon Kids Institute or, particularly for honours studies, by contacting a course supervisor at the university of choice. Most university departments welcome supervision at research institutes.
For PhD and other postgraduate students, scholarships can be obtained by applying for your university's postgraduate award and Australian Postgraduate Awards, or to other organisations such as the National Health and Medical Research Council. The applications must be made via a university but Telethon Kids Institute supervisors can help select the appropriate scholarship and assist to make the application. Some supervisors can also arrange PhD and postgraduate stipends or have access to other scholarships.

How do I find a supervisor and/or a research project?

Students with supervisor

The Institute holds an annual Prospective Student Evening each August where you can meet prospective supervisors and ask questions about potential research projects. If you are unable to attend, you can find potential supervisors and projects by using the student project booklets (released in July each year) and contact the supervisor directly. Supervisors can be contacted at any time of the year.

Current Institute Scholarships

Telethon Kids Institute has a number of scholarships and awards available to support new and current students.

 2016 Prospective Student Evening

image 8

Our Prospective Student Evening was held on Thursday 11 August 2016 at the Telethon Kids Institute in Subiaco.
Our 2017 Student Project Booklets from the event can be found below. 

2017 Student Booklet
2017 Student Booklet - Honours
2017 Student Booklet - Medical Degree

Please note that these projects are a guide only, and not a definitive list.

For further information about how to become a student at the Institute please contact

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