Annual reports


Annual Report cover Impact Report cover

Annual Report 2015 (flipbook, pdf-3MB)
Impact Report 2015 (flipbook, pdf-9MB)
Scientific Supplement (pdf-2MB)

2014 annual report cover

Annual Report 2014 (flipbook with pdf download)
Impact Report 2014 (flipbook with pdf download)

Scientific supplement [2MB]

2013 annual report

Annual Report 2013 (flipbook with pdf download)

Scientific supplement [3MB]

AR 2012

Annual Report 2012 (flipbook with pdf download)

Scientific supplement [9MB]

AR 2011

Annual Report 2011 (flipbook with pdf download)

Scientific Supplement 2011 [PDF 1.5MB]

AR 2010

Annual Report 2010 [PDF 15MB] 

Scientific supplement 2010 [PDF 9.7MB)

AR 2009

Annual Report 2009 [PDF 2.5MB]

Scientific supplement 2009 [PDF 1.1MB]

AR 2008

Annual Report 2008 [PDF 2.9MB]

Scientific supplement 2008 [PDF 1MB]

AR 2007

Annual Report 2007 [PDF 2.3MB]

Scientific supplement 2007 [0.65MB]

AR 2006

Annual Report 2006 [PDF 2.5MB]

Scientific supplement 2006 [PDF 0.7MB]

AR 2005

Annual Report 2005 [PDF 1.6MB]

Scientific supplement 2005 [PDF 1.1MB]

AR 2004

Annual Report 2004 [PDF 0.6MB]

Scientific Supplement 2004 [PDF 4.1MB]

AR 2003

Annual Report 2003 [PDF 0.9MB]

Scientific supplement 2003 [0.8MB]

AR 2002

Annual Report 2002 [PDF 2.0MB]

Scientific supplement 2002 [2.0MB]

AR 2001

Annual Report 2001 [PDF 3.1MB]

Scientific supplement 2001 [PDF 0.5MB]

AR 2000

Annual Report 2000 [PDF 1.7MB]

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