The Faculty is the senior research leadership group of the Telethon Kids Institute, providing strategic advice to the Director. Members are appointed by an external committee on the basis of sustained research performance.


Senior Principal Investigator

Winthrop Professor Jenefer Blackwell
Winthrop Research Professor Carol Bower
Winthrop Professor Jonathan Carapetis
Clinical Assoc/Professor Elizabeth Davis
Winthrop Research Professor Nicholas de Klerk
Professor Prue Hart
Professor Patrick Holt
Clinical Professor Timothy Jones
Professor Ursula Kees
Clinical Assoc/Professor Deborah Lehmann
Clinical Assoc/Professor Helen Leonard
Winthrop Professor Fiona Stanley
Clinical Professor Stephen Stick
Professor Wayne Thomas
Winthrop Professor Stephen Zubrick


Senior Principal Program Manager

Professor Paul Watt


Principal Investigator

Assoc/Professor Eve Blair
Dr Nick Gottardo
Professor Graham Hall
Professor David Lawrence
Professor Elizabeth Milne
Professor Wendy Oddy
Assoc/Professor Roz Walker
Winthrop Professor Andrew Whitehouse


Program Manager

Assoc/Professor Sally Brinkman
Assoc/Professor Kim Carter
Dr Rebecca Glauert
Dr Richard Hopkins
Ms Tanyana Jackiewicz
Assoc/Professor Peter Jacoby
Ms Jenny Mountain
Dr Jan Payne
Mr Glenn Pearson
Professor Cate Taylor



Associate Principal Investigator

Dr Karina Allen
Dr Alex Beesley
Dr Chris Blyth
Dr Anthony Bosco
Dr Saskia Decuypere
Dr Jenny Downs
Dr Kristjana Einarsdottir
Dr Raelene Endersby
Dr Shelley Gorman
Assoc/Professor Belinda Hales
Dr Sarra Jamieson
Dr Anthony Kicic
Dr Alexander Larcombe
Dr Hannah Moore
Dr Melissa O'Donnell
Dr Monique Robinson
Dr Tom Snelling
Assoc/Professor Deborah Strickland
Dr Jason Waithman


Associate Program Manager

Dr Tatjana Heinrich
Dr Katrin Hoffmann
Dr Clair Lee
Dr Nadia Milech
Mr Francis Mitrou

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