Dr Jenny Downs

Dr Jenny Downs

BApplSci (physio), MSc, PhD
Senior Research Officer


Areas of research expertise: Rett syndrome; Functional abilities; Scoliosis; Early development; Comprehensive outcomes; Rare disorders


Jenny has worked at the Telethon Kids Institute since 2005 with a previous clinical background in paediatric physiotherapy. Her current research program is in intellectual disability with a focus on Rett syndrome and she has used cohort, observational and qualitative study designs. Other research interests include the CDKL5 disorder, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Early Onset Scoliosis, and early development during infancy.


Jenny is particularly interested in comprehensive outcomes research for children and their families, the translation of research findings into clinical practice, and working with consumers to develop meaningful research programs.


Jenny represents the Population Sciences Division of the Telethon Kids Institute on the PMH Ethics Committee.


Research Publications


Bebbington A, Downs J, Percy A, Pineda M, Ben Zeev B, Bahai-Buisson N, Leonard H (in press). The phenotype associated with a large deletion on MECP2. European Journal of Human Genetics.

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