Dr Jacqueline McGlade

Dr Jacqueline McGlade

Elliot Parish Fellow for Childhood Cancer Research, Brain Tumour Research Group
Phone: 08 9489 7896
Email: Jacqueline.McGlade@telethonkids.org.au

Areas of research expertise:  Childhood brain tumours


Jacqueline completed a double major in Biomedical Science and Molecular Biology at Murdoch University in 2003.

She started her studies at Telethon Institute at the end of 2003 with a one month elective project and continued on to complete her Honours in Immunology in 2004, investigating the effects of UV exposure on asthmatic responses. She then stayed on to undertake a PhD project in the same area of research, which she completed in 2008 through the School of Medicine and Dentistry at UWA, supported by an Australian Postgraduate Award and a Stan and Jean Perron Scholarship.

After taking time off to travel, Jacqueline returned to Telethon Institute in 2010 and joined the Brain Tumour Research Group, changing fields from immunology to cancer. She was awarded the Elliot Parish Fellowship for Childhood Cancer Research in 2012.


Jacqueline's goals are to identify key genes involved in the development of brain cancer in children and how to target these genes in order to create effective treatments with minimal side effects.




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McGlade, JP, Gorman, S, Lenzo, JC, Tan, JW, Watanabe, T, Finlay-Jones, JJ, Thomas, WR and Hart, PH. Effect of both ultraviolet B irradiation and histamine receptor function on allergic responses to an inhaled antigen. The Journal of Immunology 2007: 178(5): 2794-2802.

McGlade, JP, Gorman, S, Zosky, GR, Larcombe, AN, Sly, PD, Finlay-Jones, JJ, Turner, DJ, and Hart, PH. Suppression of the asthmatic phenotype by ultraviolet B-induced, antigen-specific regulatory cells. Clinical and Experimental Allergy 2007: 37(9): 1267-76. 

Gorman, S, Kuritzky, LA, Judge, MA, Dixon, KM, McGlade, JP, Mason, RS, Finlay-Jones, JJ and Hart, PH. Topically-applied 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 enhances the suppressive activity of CD4+CD25+ cells in the draining lymph nodes. The Journal of Immunology 2007: 179(9): 6273-83.



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