Winthrop Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Winthrop Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Head, Developmental Disorders Research Group

Professor Andrew Whitehouse has been working at the Telethon Institute since 2009, having arrived back in Western Australia from the University of Oxford, where he was the Scott Family Junior Research Fellow for Studies in Autism (University College).

Prof Whitehouse has been awarded competitive research funds from national and international funding bodies exceeding $30 million, and he is currently funded by a NHMRC Career Development Award.

Prof Whitehouse directs the Autism and Related Disorders research team, who investigate the genetic and neurodevelopmental causes of developmental disorders such as autism and language impairment, and conduct clinical intervention trials into these conditions.

For more information about his team's research, please visit the Autism & related disorders website


YouTubeAndrew talks about his research



New Book: Will Mozart Make My Baby Smart?

Do mobile phones and bicycles kill sperm? Do pregnant women really suffer from baby brain? Do violent video games cause aggression? Does sugar make kids hyper?

Dr Andrew Whitehouse poses the questions that make you gasp, snigger and ponder; the questions that you've thrown around over a coffee with friends, without ever reaching a conclusion.

In a wonderful combination of stories from modern parenting, tales from history, and scientific research, Andrew Whitehouse busts open thirteen of the best myths around, and provides reassurance and light relief from the challenges of parenthood.


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