Drug Discovery (Phylogica)

The Drug Discovery Technology Group and Phylogica, commercialisation vehicle.


Addressing emerging needs of the Pharmaceutical industry

PhylogicaThe Drug Discovery Technology Group is focused on developing new therapies to target disease-causing interactions between proteins; both inside and outside of cells, as well as the development of 'mimetic' vaccines against discontinuous epitopes.

The research of the unit is funded by contracts with several large pharmaceutical companies via a commercial entity named 'Phylogica,' which was the first spin-off company from the Telethon Institute.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Phylogica (PYC) is a specialist drug discovery company, which identifies new prototype drugs for large drug company customers.  It achieves this by drawing from its own source of billions of unique natural peptide compounds - a new drug class known as "Phylomers".

This collection of more than 10 billion compounds is the source of its potential new drugs and access to this asset is what has driven deals and strategic alliances with the international pharmaceutical giants Roche, MedImmune (AstraZeneca), Pfizer and Janssen Biotech (Johnson &Johnson) within the last two years.

These unique collections of Phylomer peptides are strongly protected by a portfolio of 16 patent families, including granted patents in the US and Europe. 

Team Members

Dr Douglas Wilson, Executive Chairman

Dr Paul Watt, CEO

Mr Nick Woolf, CFO and VP Corporate Development

Dr Richard Hopkins, COO and VP Research & Development

Dr Shane Stone, Senior Scientist, Structural Biology and Modelling

Dr Paula Cunningham, Senior Scientist, Assay Development and in vivo biology

Dr Katrin Hoffmann, Associate Program Manager, Group Leader Protein engineering, CPP and Vaccine
Dr Nadia Milech, Associate Program Manager, Group Leader Intracellular Targets and Library Development
Dr Tatjana Heinrich, Associate Program Manager, Group Leader Antimicrobial Discovery

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