Our research into Type 1 diabetes, childhood onset Type 2 diabetes and obesity aims to improve the lives of children and adolescents affected by these conditions.


Our research addresses relevant clinical questions and encompasses epidemiology, clinical investigations, clinical trials, new technology in disease management and prevention studies.

In the year 2011, type 1 diabetes research has seen the commencement of a series of clinical trials with the ultimate aim of implementing the closed-loop system of managing Type 1 diabetes using pump therapy.

The year 2011 has also seen the culmination of a series of clinical trials in collaboration with AIMedics Pty Ltd, contributing to the development of a non-invasive monitoring system (HypoMon) for the detection of nocturnal hypoglycaemia.

The Adolescent type 1 diabetes Cardio-renal Intervention Trial investigating the use of statin and ace-inhibitor to prevent diabetes complications is well underway, and recruitment to this study closes June 2012.

The group has also commenced a trial investigating the immediate and sustained benefits of incorporating a 12 week combined cardio and resistance training on microvascular and macrovascular health, of adolescents with Type 2 diabetes.

The Bioenteric Intragastric Balloon study for weight management and health improvement in obese adolescents is now almost half-way though recruitment. 

Studies examining approaches to prevent hypoglycamia during exercise in patients with Type 1 Diabetes are also ongoing.


The team conducts research in collaboration with the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes in Princess Margaret Hospital for Children Perth,  the School of Sports Science and Exercise Health, Psychology, University of Western Australia; the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and collaborators from diabetes research centres interstate and overseas.

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Team Members

Team Leaders:

Clinical Professor Tim Jones, Head of Group
Associate Professor Liz Davis, Senior Team Leader



Telethon Institute team members:

Matthew Cooper, Biostatistician; PhD candidate
Dr Raymond Davey, Post-Doctorate Fellow
Megan Evans, Research Assistant
Mary Flynn, Administrative Assistant
Dr Aveni Haynes, Research Fellow; PhD candidate
Rachelle Kalic, Research Officer
Kaitie McNamara, Research Assistant
Dr Louise Naylor, Bright Spark Fellow
Jennifer Nicholas, Research Nurse
Nirubasini Paramalingam, Clinical Research Coordinator
Adam Retterath, Research Assistant
Heather Roby, Research Assistant
Dr Barbara Sheil, Diabetes Clinical Project Manager

Wayne Soon, Research Assistant



Princess Margaret team members:

Dr Mary Abraham, Paediatric Endocrine Fellow
Dr Jacqueline Curran, Paediatric Endocrinologist; PhD candidate
Julie Dart, Research Nurse
Dr Trang Ly, Paediatric Endocrinologist; PhD candidate
Dr Vinutha Shetty, Paediatric Endocrine Telethon Fellow;  PhD candidate
Associate Professor Aris Siafarikas, Paediatric Endocrinologist

Alison Roberts, Research Nurse

Martin De Bock, Paediatric Endocrinologist

Carly George, Paediatric Endocrine Fellow

Nooshi Rath, Paediatric Endocrine Fellow

Casey Lowden-Crook, Research Nurse


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